Weekly Service Checklist
1. Brush Pool and Spa
2. Remove leafs
3. Clean out skimmers and pump baskets
4. Vacuum Pool
5. Clean Waterline Tile
6. Test Water And Log Readings equipment Checks
7. Supply And Apply Chemicals to Balance Water Chemistry
8. Adjust water levels
9. Skim pool
10. Inspect and mantain auto clean system
11. Inspect time clock
12. Rinse pool deck
13. Visual inspection of pool equipment
14. Backwash (Every 2-3 weeks)
15. After every visit we left a door hanger, to assure our visit, with comments and suggestions on your pool

Delivery Service

At Woodlands POOL EXPERTS we can also provide you with the highest quality products (chemicals)  directly to your pool.

Some of the most common chemicals are:

• Chlorine tabs
• Refresh shock
• D.E. Powder
• Muriatic acid
• Algaecide
• Phosphate remover